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WeAquatics is built on community and connection through swimming.
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community. connection. family.

These are the pillars of the WeAquatics swim school.

While WeAquatics officially started in Washington, DC, in 2015, its story actually dates back to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Founder David Worrell moved there with his family when he was just twelve, and swimming quickly became an integral part of his life.

The Worrell family established an aquatic center on the island, and David and his brothers, Bradford and Frederick, all competed for the St. Lucia national swim team.

Shortly after moving back to DC, David started his own swim school. Even in its earliest days, he knew WeAquatics would be more than just a place to learn how to swim.

He wanted to bring that deep sense of community he’d experienced in St. Lucia. Offer the peace and belonging he’d always found in the water. Provide the support and personal growth that come with learning to be safe in the water.

WeAquatics is, first and foremost, a supportive community. We’re now 750 students and 25 instructors strong… and we’re so happy to have you along for the ride!

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